With cupcake wrappers, you can create stylish cupcakes without the fuss of frosting, fondant or sprinkles. Made from paper, these cupcake collars fit around your baked cakes and add a bit of pizzazz with very little effort.

Wrappers, Liners, Baking Cups… What are they and what’s the difference? Cupcake Wraps wrap around your cupcake as an embellishment after they’ve been baked and covers up the paper liner you used during baking. However, the frosting is still visible and adds to the beauty of the cupcake. On the other hand, Cupcake Liners and Baking Cups hold the cake batter and go into the oven and bake along with the cake batter. You’ll sometimes see the terms wrapper and liner used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

No-Template Simple Cupcake Wrapper

The standard dimensions of a commercial cupcake wrapper are a bit tricky since they are all cut in a curved shape which is hard to duplicate without a template. This very easy cupcake wrapper is made with straight cuts so you don’t need a pattern, just a ruler. Scrapbook paper is a nice thickness for this project and is little more durable if you need to make some adjustments to the size of your wrap.

Materials needed:

1 piece of scrap book paper (8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet size)
Supplies needed:

Regular scissors

Step 1: Using the ruler, measure out a rectangle about 1-1/2″ wide and 8-1/2″ long. Mark out the shape using the pencil. Cut out the rectangle shape with scissors.

Step 2: Carefully curve the paper strip around your cupcake. Make sure the paper is snug, but not tight. You want to be able to remove your cupcake from the wrapper. Tape the paper in place.


The term cupcake stands, cupcake trees and cupcake towers are often used interchangeably to describe the same item:

tiered set of plates to display your cupcakes. After your cupcakes are decorated up, the perfect cupcake stand is just the thing to show them off. If you need to shop for a stand or display, you may find our helpful tips useful before making your purchase. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer or just someone who wants to have fun putting together a display, you’ll find information here on how to jazz up a plain cupcake tree or make one yourself from scratch!

Create a beautiful custom cupcake tower with re-purposed glassware from your kitchen cupboard, dollar store or thrift store. These stands have a chic, modern look and can be customized to your needs based on the types of materials you choose.

Tools and Supplies:
1 Large-size Glass Plate
1 Medium-size Glass Plate
1 Small-size Glass Plate
1 6″ tall Drinking Glass
1 5″ tall Drinking Glass
Clear Epoxy Glue
1 can spray paint primer
1 can spray paint in color of your choice
Step 1: Wash and dry the glass plates and glasses.

Step 2: In a well ventilated area, set the largest plate down on your work surface. Squeeze the epoxy glue around the rim of the 6″ drinking glass.

Step 3: Position the glass over the center of the large plate and press down.

Step 4: Squeeze epoxy glue around the edge of the upside down glass. Position the medium plate over the center and press down.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the 5″ drinking glass to attach it from the medium-size plate to the small plate. Let epoxy dry completely.

Step 6: In an outside space, lay out the newspaper or drop cloth and place the cupcake tower on top.

Step 7: Spray on a coat of the primer. Let it dry completely.

Step 8: Spray on two coats of the regular spray paint in the color of your choice. Allow to dry thoroughly.


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