Sweet Mini Valentine Cupcakes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Add a twist to your Valentine celebration by serving your cupcakes in a creative way -- use a margarita glass. Fondant hearts on the side of the glass give the cupcake display just a little something "extra" without going overboard.

Bakery/Cake Goods Needed:
  • Red mini-cupcake liners

  • Your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe

  • Your favorite butter cream frosting recipe
Decorating Supplies:
  • 1 small batch of premade fondant
    (you can use premade or homemade)

  • Metal heart-shaped cutter
    (we used the small ½” cutter from Wilton’s Heart Fondant Cut-outs)

  • Pink and Red food coloring
    (we used Wilton’s paste food coloring in Pink and Red-Red)

  • Small rolling pin

  • Wax Paper

  • Light Corn Syrup

  • Small pink, red and white Valentine candies
    (M&Ms or other small colored candies)

  • Margarita Glass (plastic or glass)

  • Red or Pink colored sugar
Cupcake Icing Tools:
  • Wilton #22 Star Tip

  • Icing Coupler and Ring

  • Icing Bag
Preliminary Prep:

Bake your cupcakes in the red liners and mix your butter cream and set it aside.

Making the Hearts:

Step 1: Divide the fondant into two pieces. Tint one half pink and the other red.

Step 2: Roll each colored ball of fondant out on a flat surface to about a ¼” thickness. Cut out shapes with the small heart cutter. Set aside hearts on wax paper and keep them covered.

Icing the Cupcakes:

Step 1: Place an coupler in the icing bag and fit the opening with the Wilton #22 star tip. Secure tip onto the coupler with the ring. Fill the icing bag with butter cream.

Step 2: Starting from the outside edge of each mini cupcake, use a circular motion and squeeze the icing out to cover the cupcake.

Step 3: Place a small fondant heart at the top of each cupcake.

Preparing the Margarita Glass and Finishing the Cupcake Presentation:

Step 1: Dip your finger in a small amount of corn syrup and coat the edge of the margarita glass with corn syrup. Dip sticky edges into the colored sugar.

Step 2: Fill glass about half-full with colored candies.

Step 3: Dab a little corn syrup on the one of the fondant hearts and attach to inside of the margarita glass just under the rim of colored sugar. Repeat this step until you have four hearts secured inside the glass. Use both colors to vary the look.

Step 4: Place a mini cupcake in the center of each glass.

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