Shrinking Cupcakes

Why do my cupcakes shrink after I put them on my cooling rack? The cupcakes are smaller than the liner, unattractive and difficult to decorate.

Answer: It can be frustrating to have your cupcakes turn out different than expected. Contrary to what some people may think, baking cupcakes isn’t that easy sometimes! I’m not sure what type of oven or recipe you are using, but here a few basic things you can check:

1) Your oven temperature. I have a small oven thermometer I keep handy for this purpose. In my kitchen, I have two ovens and one oven definitely bakes hotter than the other.

2) Your batter level. Make sure your cupcake liners are filled to the appropriate level (about 1/2 – 2/3 full). If there isn’t enough batter, the cake could be overbaked.

3) Your ingredients. Measure carefully. If you have too much leavening in the mix, the cupcakes will appear to bake up nice but collapse or shrink after baking as the cakes start to cool.

One Last Tip: If you bake from scratch, you probably know that some cake recipes work better for cupcakes than others. Try using a different recipe.

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