Shimmery Skull Cupcake

Difficulty Level: Easy

Not all skulls are spooky. Your cupcakes will sparkle and shine with this candy version. This easy Halloween cupcake design allows you to pull these together quickly and on short notice.

Bakery/Cake Goods needed:
  • Your favorite batch of chocolate cupcakes

  • Your favorite butter cream frosting recipe tinted purple (we used Wilton's paste food color in Violet)
Skull Decorating Supplies:
  • White chocolate or Wilton's Candy Melts in white

  • Skull Candy Mold (we used Wilton's 3-D skull candy mold)

  • Clear Vanilla

  • White shimmer dust (we used Wilton's White Pearl Dust)
Cupcake Icing Tools
  • Ateco 804 Round Icing Tip

  • Icing Bag

  • Edible Glitter (we used Wilton's Cake Sparkles in Black)
Finishing Touches
  • Purple Cupcake Liners OR Halloween themed Cupcake Wrapper
Directions for making the skulls:

Step 1: Melt candy melts and pour into skull candy mold. Let harden and remove from molds.

Step 2: Mix shimmer dust with a small amount of clear vanilla and paint onto the skulls. Let dry.

Directions for Icing the Cupcake:

Step 1: Fill the icing bag with butter cream and fit the opening with the 804 tip. Using a circular motion, squeeze out icing to cover the top of the cupcakes.

Step 2: Sprinkle with black edible glitter.

Step 3: Top with the skull.

Directions Finishing Touches:

If you've already baked your cupcake in a purple liner, you are set to go. You can also embellish your cupcake with a fun Halloween themed cupcake wrapper you purchased or made yourself.

Cupcake Wrapper Tip: Instead of a paper wrap, try wrapping your your cupcake in white or black tulle.

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