Ideas for Mini Cupcakes

Serving a plate of mini cupcakes is not only fun and interesting, but presents a whole new challenge to the cupcake decorator. Most of your decorations will need to take on a smaller form, but you will find that almost any cupcake design has some element you can adapt.

Martini Cupcakes

For a unique twist on cupcakes, take a look at this creative cupcake idea from Jules of Jules Cupcakes. This simple yet sophisticated cupcake design suits the b-day occasion well, but can be adapted for any type of celebration. Jules describes how she came up the concept:

"I created these martini cupcakes for my girlfriend's birthday. She loves martinis, so I incorporated the two. I mismatched martini glasses to mix things up a bit and added all the essentials: lime, sugar for the rims of the glasses, and cute olive sticks. I used rock salt to line the bottom of the glasses, but really, you can use anything colorful..I love the idea of using rock candy, but i couldn't find any. Also, a good hint - if the glasses are going to be sitting around for awhile & the sugar doesn't seem to be staying on the rims you can rub honey along the sides — the sugar will definitely stay on after that."

Mini Cupcake Baking Tip: A standard cake mix makes about 48 cupcakes. You may need to bake them in two batches if you don't have enough pans and be careful not to overbake! They only need to bake about 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven, but start checking around 10 minutes.

Sweet Mini Valentine Cupcakes

These minis look adorably cute nestled among brightly colored holiday candies. This concept was inspired by the martini glass idea and focused on one fo the sweetest holidays of the year -- Valentine's Day.

Get the full step-by-step directions on making these cupcakes on the Sweet Mini Valentine Cupcakes page.

Pink and Blue Mini Baby Shower Cupcakes

Need a creative idea for that special baby shower you’re planning? How about serving up some mini baby shower cupcakes! Keep the color palette simple and the whole process will be fuss free. These sweet pink and blue minis are decorated with easy to make fondant flowers and sugar pearls. Get the full directions to make there on the Baby Shower Cupcakes page.

Mini Baby Chick Easter Cupcakes

Easter just got a little cuter with these adorable baby chick mini cupcakes. The design starts by icing your cupcakes with green frosting and adding a little “grass” with a multi-opening icing tube. The chicks are fashioned from fondant. Check out the Mini Baby Chick Easter Cupcakes page for the full directions.

Candy Corn Mini Cupcakes

A batch of freshly made mini pumpkin or spice cupcakes would form a fantastic base for these adorable Candy Corn Cupcakes. Little swirls of golden yellow, orange and bright white frosting create the familiar design of this classic fall-themed candy. See how to make them on the Thanksgiving Cupcakes page.

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