Ivory Pearls Wedding Cupcake Wrapper

To show off the beauty of your wedding cupcake, the design on this is simple and understated. A matte sheen on the scrapbook paper creates a nice contrast to the luster on the pearls, but you can use a glossier paper if you wish.

Materials/Supplies needed to make wrapper:

  • Sturdy piece of ivory scrapbook paper

  • Transparent Tape

  • Glue Stick
Tools needed to make wrapper:
  • Wrapper template (*see below for more information)

  • Sharp Scissors

  • Pencil
Embellishment Supplies:
  • Self-adhesive Ivory Pearls
    (these are flat on one side and come in a package with various sizes)
Directions for the wrapper:
Step 1: Using the pencil, trace wrapper pattern onto the scrapbook or construction paper and cut it out. You can also use a die cut template (*see below for more information).

Step 2: Assemble wrapper by fastening the ends together. Use tape if needed.

Directions for the embellishment:

Step 1: Decide where on the front of your cupcake wrapper you want to place your pearls. Start with the large pearls at the top of the wrapper.

Step 2: Add two additional pearls stepping down one size for each row until you have three pearls each one smaller than the other cascading down.

*Wrapper Template: The wrapper template for this wrapper was made from a BossKut die called "Cupcake Wrapper by Terri Mouw." See the Cricut Cupcake Wrapper page for instructions on how to cut cupcake wrappers using a die cutting machine.

See this wrapper paired
with a specially designed
Daffodil and Rose
Royal Wedding Cupcake

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