Small Flower Cupcake Decorations

Want to impress your friends and family? This video shows you how to make your own simple flower cupcake decorations. For those of you who aren't confident with butter cream, handling a sturdier material may be your answer. Being handy with a rolling pin is a plus, but you may need a some practice to help perfect your technique. However, with a little time and effort you will be able to pull off these beautiful decorations in no time. If you're busy, you can make these ahead and add them at the last minute.

Tools and Supplies:

  • Pre-made fondant tinted pink or purple
  • Small Rolling Pin
  • Small Five-Petal Flower Cutter
  • Foam Shaping Pad
  • Wooden or plastic shaping tool (one with a rounded end is best)
  • Flower Formers
  • Sugar Pearls


Step 1: Prepare your fondant ahead of time or purchase pre-made fondant. Tint it with color of your choice. On a flat surface dusted with confectioner’s sugar, roll out fondant with a rolling pin.

Step 2: Using a small flower cutter, cut flower shapes from fondant.

Step 3: Place cut flower shapes into a flower former. Continue making additional flowers.

Step 4: Lay flower shapes onto shaping foam, with a wooden stick or shaping tool, press the center of flower to create a depression.

Step 5: Place a sugar pearl in the center of each flower. Press down slightly to attach it. (If the pearl center doesn’t stay in place you can dab a bit of frosting on the back to allow it to stay in place.)

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