Creative Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers don't have to be made of paper. In fact, creative cupcake wrappers can be made from...well...just about anything. Think of the small containers in your kitchen or around the house. With a little ingenuity, just about anything can be pressed into service as a wrapper. Let your imagination run wild!

Terra Cotta Pot Cupcake Wrapper

Terra cotta pots as cupcake wrappers? Sure, why not! This idea would be great at any spring party, or use them for a fun mother's day surprise. You can even paint the pots in a color of your choice. How about a dozen of these painted in a creamy white? Imagine using them at a bridal or baby shower decorated with pretty bows!

To make these creative cupcake wrappers: Start with a brand new, clean terra cotta pot about 3-1/2" in diameter across the top. Purchase some tissue or food safe cellophane and cut two circles about 8 - 10" in diameter. Place the tissue into the pot. Place a filler material in the bottom of the pot about 1" high (otherwise you cupcake will be too low in the pot). You can use any small box or item that is flat on both sides. If you can't find anything, you can fill the bottom with beans or small jelly beans. Place the cupcake on top.

Rice Bowl Cupcake Wrapper

Not only are you thinking outside of the box with these creative cupcake wrappers, but you are thinking outside of the bowl! Imagine what your guests will say when you serve up a cupcake in one of these creative wrappers!

All you need to create this wrapper is a clean rice bowl. Chopsticks are optional. A darker rice bowl will give you cupcake presentation drama and sophistication, but you can opt to keep things light and informal as well. You choose.

The cupcake above is based on the "Fried Rice" design from What's New Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. The book contains over fifty creative cupcakes and includes icing tips, recipes and decorating tricks of the trade. Colorful photos and step-by-step instructions will help even the beginning decorator gain confidence quickly. You'll find this book to be a great source for inspiration and a fantastic addition to your cupcake library. It's definitely become one of our favorites!

Margarita Glass Wrapper

Imagine what your guests will say when you serve them a cupcake in creative cupcake wrappers like this. And you thought margarita glasses were just for margaritas! This idea is adaptable to any theme by changing the color of sugar. You can opt to keep the fondant cut-outs or leave them off and feel free to fill the glass with any type of small candy.

For full instructions on making this cupcake, check out the Sweet Mini Valentine Cupcakes page.

Creative Tea Cup Wrapper

A cupcake with old fashioned butter cream roses on top would look absolutely stunning when placed in delicate tea cups. No one will ever notice if you don't get around to actually serving the tea.

Start with a clean tea cup. If you have an antique cup, that will work too. If the bottom of the cup is too narrow, you may need to place something at the bottom to hold you cupcake up a bit. This design would work well for mother's day, a bridal shower or even a birthday.

See how to make this cupcake on the Mothers Day Cupcake page.

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