Simple Bunny Cupcakes

Difficulty Level: Easy

With these simple bunny cupcakes, you'll have you'll be ready for any Easter celebration. Feel free to change the color of the cupcakes to match your party theme. A few colored sprinkles would look nice on these as well!

Bakery/Cake Goods Needed:

  • A batch of your favorite vanilla cupcakes
  • Your favorite butter cream frosting tinted pink
Bunny Decorating Supplies:
  • 1 small batch of white pre-made fondant (you can use store bought or homemade)
  • Bunny Fondant Cutter (we used the 1-1/4" x 5/8" rabbit cutter from the PME Rabbit Cutter Set of 2)
  • Small Floral Cutter
  • Purple Food Coloring (we used Wilton's paste food color)
  • Small rolling pin
  • Wax Paper
  • Toothpicks
  • White Pearlized Icing Pearls
  • Yellow Icing Pearls
Cupcake Icing Tools:
  • Wilton 1M Star Tip
  • Icing Bag
Finishing Touches:
  • White Cupcake Liners and or Cupcake Wrappers
Making the Bunnies:

Step 1: Using the small rolling pin, roll the fondant out on a flat surface.

Step 2: Cut out bunny shapes using the PME rabbit cutter. Set aside on wax paper to harden.

Making the Flowers:

Step 1: Break off a small ball of fondant and tint it a light purple with the food coloring.

Step 2: Using the small rolling pin, roll the fondant out on a flat surface.

Step 3: Cut out floral shaped using the small flower cutter. (You can leave the flowers flat, or you can shape them into a cup formation using a sponge and wooden dowel).

Icing and Decorating your Bunny Cupcakes:

Step 1: Fill the icing bag with pink butter cream and fit the opening with a Wilton #1M Star metal tip.

Step 2: Starting from the outside edge of the cupcake, use a circular motion and squeeze the icing out to cover the cupcake.

Step 3: Place a fondant bunny in the center of the cupcake.

Step 4: Place a purple fondant flower at the side of each bunny.

Step 5: Using the tip of a toothpick, place a small dab of icing at the base of the bunny and attach a white icing pearl to serve as the "tail."

Step 6: Place another dab of icing at the center of the purple flower and attach a yellow icing pearl to the center to serve as the flower's center.

Products used to decorate this cupcake:

PME Rabbit Fondant Cutter Sugar Pearls

PME Rabbit Cutter

Wilton Sugar Pearls

Flower and Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Difficulty Level: Advanced

You’ll enjoy these Easter cupcakes by Penny shown in the video below. She starts with yellow cake cupcakes baked in white cupcake liners. The Easter decorations are made from gum paste and include a very cute Easter Bunny, a rose and simple flowers made with gum paste or fondant flower cutters. Penny used the Ateco #849 Star Tube to ice the cupcakes and Wilton's #233 Multi-Opening Tip to create the grass. The vanilla butter cream frosting she used was tinted purple or lavender for the cupcakes and green for the grass. As a finishing touch, Penny used foil wrapped chocolate Easter Eggs. Simply beautiful!

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