Baby Sock Cupcakes

The cupcake theme hasn't restricted itself to just cake...creating adorably cute baby sock cupcakes can be just as much fun! And any number of baby items like onesies and wash cloths can be used for this type of presentation. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the size of the cupcake wrapper you are using to accomodate the size of your "cupcake."

Pink and Brown Sock Cupcakes

Materials needed:
  • 1 Scalloped-edge Pink Cupcake Wrapper
  • 2" Circle cut from Pink or Brown scrapbook paper
    (we cut ours using a paper punch)
  • 2" Flower-shape cut from Pink or Brown scrapbook paper
    (we cut ours using a flower paper punch)
  • Glue Stick
  • A pair of Pink Baby Socks


Step 1: Assemble the cupcake wrapper and set it aside.

Step 2: Using the glue stick, apply glue to one side of the flower shape and glue it to your circle. (Using contrasting colors is best.) Set aside.

Step 3:Turn one baby sock inside out. Lay the other baby sock out flat on it's side.

Step 4: Fold over the toe of the sock that is turned inside out about half the length of the sock. Place it at the toe end of the sock that is layed out flat. Roll the flat sock into a tight coil around the tip of the sock that is inside out.

Step 5: Fold the cuff of the sock turned inside out over the rolled sock. Adjust the cuff so if fits nicely and neatly over the rolled material.

Step 6: Place the rolled sock inside the cupcake wrapper and add the punched flower detail to the top.

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