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Welcome to Cupcakes Plain and Fancy! Are you looking for great decorating ideas? Save money and save time by finding out just what you need and how to create beautiful, stunning designs! This website is full of information about recipes, stands, wrappers, toppers and just about anything related to your decorating needs.

Dozens of Photos and Step-by-Step Instructions
Find pictures to inspire and motivate you. Whether it’s creating a perfect wedding confection or designing a dessert for a very special event, you’ll find ideas here to help. Learn how to create fabulous decorations with our step-by-step directions.

Ideas to Customize your Stands and Displays
Feel like rolling up your sleeves and giving it a go with making your very own stand to display your sugar creations? Or do you already have a stand, but just need some ideas to dress it up? Maybe you just need a little help giving your baking creations a little style. Find your inspiration.

Creative and Easy Recipes
Take a look at our tried and true recipes from classics like vanilla and chocolate to trendy flavors like strawberry or red velvet. You can even try your hand at a few gourmet varieties. Or maybe you need a low-calorie version of a traditional recipe. No matter what your needs are, you are certain to find the right recipe one for your masterpiece here.

Wrapper Ideas
Learn how to make your own wrappers to add the finishing touch to your creations. Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, or will find ideas for just about any occasion. Spruce up your old cupcake even if you're not yet confident about your decorating skills!

Super Fun, Super Easy Toppers and Picks
Need a cupcake decoration in a pinch? No time to fool around with frosting for fondant. See how easy it is to make and use toppers and picks. With a few simple materials, decorate and be done in a flash. Make toppers for any ocassion or showers, birthdays, weddings, Halloween, Christmas. The sky is the limit!

Cupcake Ideas and Tips
Get the latest cupcake decorating ideas and tips. Learn how you can decorate the MOST beautiful cupcakes!
Cupcake Decorating Updates
Cupcake Decorating Updates | Join our FREE mail list and get the latest cupcake decorating ideas.
Cupcake Stands
Get ideas for the best cupcake stands to use for your cupcake display.
Cardboard Cupcake Stand
Cardboard cupcake stand | Ideas for decorating and embellishing cardboard cupcake stands or cupcake trees.
Custom Cupcake Stands
Custom Cupcake Stands | Ideas for how to make your own cupcake stand.
Cupcake Wrappers
Learn about different cupcake wrappers and get ideas on how to make your own wrappers.
Cricut Cupcake Wrapper, Sizzix Die Cut
Cricut Cupcake Wrapper | Find out how to make your own cupcake wrappers using Cricut or Sizzix die cutting machines.
Custom Cupcake Wrappers
Custom Cupcake Wrappers | How to make your own cupcake wrapper, ideas and free cupcake wrapper pattern.
Mini Cupcake Wrapper
How to make your own mini cupcake wrapper template.
Creative Cupcake Wrappers
Creative Cupcake Wrappers | Unique ideas to create unconventional and amazing cupcake wrappers
Holiday Cupcake Wrappers
Holiday Cupcake Wrappers | Cupcake wrappers for seasonal or holiday events and occasions!
Wedding Cupcake Wrappers
Get ideas and step by step directions for making wedding cupcake wrappers.
Cupcake Decorating
Cupcake Decorating | Learn about the basic cupcake decorating tools and techniques you'll need to get started decorating beautiful cupcakes.
Flower Cupcake Decorations
Flower Cupcake Decorations | Learn how to make flowers for your cupcakes with different techniques and icings.
Cupcake Decorations
Learn about different cupcake decorations and how to use them to create your own beautiful cupcakes.
Rose Bud Tutorial
Learn how to make rose bud for your cupcakes with this rose bud tutorial.
Cupcake Designs
Cupcake Designs and Flowers | Learn how to make beautiful flowers with our step-by-step instructions.
Chocolate Cupcake Decorations
Learn how to easily make beautify chocolate cupcake decorations to create stunning and beautiful cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes | Cupcake decorating ideas for baby shower cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcake
Need baby shower cupcake inspiration for a mommy to be expecting a boy? Check out our Blue Baby Shower Cupcake ideas.
Shower Cupcakes
How to decorate beauttiful wedding shower cupcakes
Birthday Cupcakes
Birthday Cupcakes | Ideas for how to decorate beautiful birthday cupcakes.
Graduation Cupcakes
Graduation Cupcakes | Get ideas, inspiration and step-by-step instructions on how to decorate cupcakes for your graduate!
Patriotic Cupcakes
Learn how you can make beautifully decorated patriotic cupcakes!
Wedding Cupcakes
Wedding Cupcakes | Ideas to decorate cupcakes wedding cakes; ideas for wedding cupcake designs.
Mothers Day Cupcakes
Mothers Day Cupcakes | Cupcake decorating ideas and step-by-step instructions for Mothers Day cupcakes.
Valentine Cupcakes
Valentine Cupcakes | Ideas for how to decorate cupcakes for Valentines Day.
Valentine Cupcake Tower
Valentine Cupcake Tower
Easter Cupcakes
Easter Cupcakes | Ideas on how to decorate stunning and beautiful cupcakes for Easter!
Bunny Cupcakes
How to decorate bunny cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes
Ideas, photos and step-by-step instructions to show you how to decorate your own stunning and creative halloween cupcakes.
Christmas Cupcakes
Ideas, photos and step-by-step instructions to show you how to decorate your own stunning and beautiful Christmas Cupcakes.
Seasonal Holiday Cupcakes
Seasonal Holiday Cupcakes | Find cupcake ideas to celebrate Valentines Day, Mothers Day, etc.
Chocolate Cupcake
Get ideas, inspiration and step-by-step instructions on how to decorate the most beautiful chocolate cupcake!
Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Learn how to decorate your own beautiful floral cupcakes with our instructions and cupcake decorating Ideas.
Butterfly Cupcakes
Butterfly Cupcakes | Ideas for decorating beautiful butterfly cupcakes
Fun Cupcake Ideas
Need a cupcake idea that's interesting and fun? Check out the ideas on our fun cupcake ideas page...
Mini Cupcakes
Ideas for baking, decorating and displaying mini cupcakes
Cupcake Bouquet
Cupcake Bouquet | Learn how to make beautiful bouquets and centerpieces using cupcakes
Cupcake Toppers
Cupcake Toppers | See how easy it is to make your own beautiful cupcake pick decorations with toothpicks and a few simple supplies.
Cupcake Topper
Find ideas and inspiration in this cupcake topper idea gallery!
Cupcake Recipes
Cupcake Recipes | An exclusive collection of the most popular cupcake recipes.
Vanilla Cupcake Recipe
Find the best vanilla cupcake recipe to use for cupcake decorating
Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
Chocolate Cupcake Recipe | A collection of delicious chocolate cupcake recipes.
Red Velvet Cupcakes
How to make delicious, homemade red velvet cupcakes.
Gourmet Cupcakes
Wonderfully delicious gourmet cupcakes for your next sophisticated affair.
Cupcake Recipe
Find a tasty cupcake recipe even if you're looking for something low-fat or gluten free.
Cupcake Frosting
Cupcake Frosting | A collection of frosting recipes for your cupcakes.
Fondant Recipe
Fondant Recipe | Easy home made recipe to use for cupcake decorating.
Cupcake Icing Recipes
Learn about different cupcake icing recipes to use for decorating cupcakes.